Monday, 11 August 2014

I know, I know

That you have all been eagerly awaiting, to find out how bad? i mean good The Launch was?` Well it was good, but it could have been fantastic, had all the bikes been working. The 2 Velor plus' weren't working, and a new group came, which had been recommended by my mate Liz who works for the QCC and she visited a home, for young folk with Learning Difficulties, and highly recommended that they come to SC4A. So they dutifully came with 5 young people in wheelchairs. And well, we couldn't offer them a very good service. :(

And the other Guy Ian? who recently went blind and used to come back in October, he has many other difficulties including mobility issues. He so wanted to feel the wind on his face, and the sound of it rushing past his ears. But well, he was just pleased that it had begun again. And settled for a couple of laps around the courts.

My friend Kathryn represented the lead organisation, which is now Disability Sheffield. And came prepared with a couple of Urns and made tea and coffee for folk. Because many would not have been able to walk, I think thehy could have cycled though, ?? up to the kitchen area.

I am fed up though, we didnt raise quite enough to pay Steves wages.

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