Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A snapped Crutch!!!

I've not used my crutches all day today, for walking inside!!! I did however feeling jubilant, that I had managed to strap my crutch to my trike. made off to the forest, on my trike. Managed to snap one in half!!! and just came home with the top half. FK where the other half is!! So I wreckon, if I order a couple of those walking sticks that fold into 3, and keep one in my panniers??

I've spoken to Simon Williams (i could have chatted all day, I love Scouse accents) And he's going to start charging for the use of kitchen and toilet. So I asked if we could have a key cut etc? And yes it's all sorted, he won't start charging until he gives us a key probably September?? But the pressures on now, we need 23 paying people, to pay Steve and hire the kitchen.

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