Saturday, 2 August 2014


My Blog saying wrong password?? but it's let me write?? So I'm not sure if I'm talking to myself?? Because it possibly won't publish?? I'm sooo confused I wish I was clever! Anyway  the reason I needed my password? because I was gonna say Hi to a new reader? 'Hi Mick'

My children are back tonight :) So I will do a bit of cycling again, as I just feel better, if s'ones at hand to bring my crutches, and take the dogs. Sorry for being boring, just going through mythought processes.

So is anyone else doing the Sheffield Sky Ride on August the 10th? I wish I'd kinda thought that it might be possible all those weeks ago. When I was incapacitated, I might have taken an interest, in it's route, and who was doing it and such. It's like the TdF I blocked that out (I know it's mardi -Sheffield word) But I felt a  bit like the boy taking his ball home.

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