Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bitter :(

I have NEVER ever been a bitter and angry person. But Seva Care in Sheffield really take the P***!! I hate having to be so dependent on them for such along time. although I can do more stuff now, and hardly need them. they've not been replaced with an Individual Budget, yet. Which would at least let me have a choice. Unfortunately (here goes, I have no shame) I can't empty the commode, which I use in the night whilst walking with my crutches : /

They called this morning 2hrs late, unfortunately I didn't let them in I was half dressed I just shouted 'come in' many times. And without trying the door or owt they left!!! this isn't the first time. About 3 weeks ago, after repeatedly shouting 'Come in'' they left because it was raining outside and 'they were getting wet!!'  Urrrrgh!! please let me stop feeling bitter.

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