Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I am free and so happy. :)

Wow I did it at last!!! The solution may be loaded with mishaps just waiting to happen, like me not been able to see what's at my feet. And tripping over the grab rail, that's strategically placed at the rear of my trike, on the drive so i can get on and off. Without me ending up in the middle of the road!!  But totally without anyone's help, I did it. I am so incredibly happy!!! The months that I lay there thinking it would never happen. Thinking that I would have to put up with dreary dumb care forever, putting our lives, at risk because they had left the hob on all night after boiling my milk on more than one occasion. And when I was chair bound?
 Refusing to clear up a half eaten dressed crab, after my 11 year old boy  had left it half eaten crab to get eaten by maggots because ''He should have known better''  Urrrrgh!!! I was so scared, that that was what my life had become. My mind would drift back to the Self Directed Support, and Individual Budgeting Championing I once did. With wonderful folk, like Jeanette Thompson, Liz Howard, Liz Salmon, and Nicky Mills. What a waste of time and effort and money that was. It appears.

But today isn't about looking back, it is very much about my future. :) I feel despite being a tad bitter, which I hope will fade, and disappear, because I am a happy positive soul really.

And 'yes' I know I'm cheating a tad because I've now got Pedal Assist?? It still works my joints and muscles around them.

I'm so excited about tomorrow, because I'm meeting my friend and ali Maggie Cambell, at the cafe, which will mean riding zooming extra fast down the dual carriage way :)

I have asked for some things for the Agenda for a Sheffield Cycling 4 All scheduled on September the 11th.  I'm not sure what to expect?

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