Wednesday, 6 August 2014

We need 23 punters.

We need just 23 folk to come cycling tomorrow. We should do that?? shouldn't we? I know of a few, but not all of those are paying. most are involved in some way. It costs £6.50 an hour for the kitchen and toilet, and I blagged 4hrs free, because we are Dave's guests :) but Dave goes home at 1. So we will be billed from 1-3. So I think we've got off lightly.

My love interest called tonight :)

I do like him, but i think he's a bit embarrassed about me. Which isn't really on :( and it hurts. He'd be quite handy to know, because he's a cycle trainer. 

So if you like bikes and love people come to Hillsborough Park tomorrow the 7th of August. It will cost you £5 to hire a cycle to
suit. But you can use it for as long as demand allows. You'll meet some really cracking folk. It'll be great.

Andy Kershaw is coming to interview me at 12.30 for radio Sheffield :) and that is thanks to Kathryn Littlewood from Disability Sheffield, who is quite a showbiz kinda gal. And whose running a new project, job club. Hence Disability Sheffield becoming the Lead Organisations, because it will give the young folk in that club, lots of varied opportunity for work experience.

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