Friday, 5 September 2014

Grand Entrance!!

I don't mean to be the centre of attention, ALL of the time, honestly. But it has become a bit of a feature of my personality. Which I imagine is quite irritating at times :) Some say, it's a trait born by my brain damage. But these folk obviously didn't know me before!! It was the MoveMore meeting at 1.00 today, which meant, I had to leave my beloved Cycling early. :(

It was buzzzzing at Hillsborough Park, in the morning, the regular group came and they are so fab.Clients and staff there were 10 of them, all paying. And another woman, came who had the condition MS, and she saw us advertised in Sainsburys at Chstal Peaks! So I don't know which wonderful person put that there, just am very glad they did? Because I get the idea, she caught the bug.....:) And hopefully she will be in touch. Lots of people seemed to have 'issues' with me yesterday at Hillsborough, some of them are just too personal even for me to discuss. And some of them made me feel a  bit picked on. When in my role as Co -chair, I have been sole chair for the first 3 weeks of SC4A, when 'lil' old me has no experience of this role, at all. I just am very thankful for the support of the other members of the group.

One of the burning issues, was the bank account, which still hadn't been set up. This really was because 1) I couldn't easily get to Hillsborough, unless I paid for my own transport. 2) The bank had cocked up big time, when Gav Wood, Andy Beetson, and Jamie Bland, had been in initially. By keeping them in there for over an hour, promising to send them on the printed completed forms for them to sign? And sending blank ones. I am so glad for my PA Janes car on a Thursday, and the fact that she doesn't mind lifting and lugging my trike, and that Gav suggested that I call in to see Andy and get the forms filled in, whilst on my way to the town hall. MoveMore meeting. Because although, extra hands are always needed at Hillsbro' I thought I would be more useful, putting my opinion, and face and trike about at the Town Hall. But thing is? we were late! and despite circling around town, just couldn't get a parking space close to the Town Hall. So Jane pulled in about half a mile away, and I cycled!! right into the Board room!!

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