Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ziggy is in hospital!

Ahhhh :( I went for a local ride on Ziggy, complete with dog attatchment.) After losing Holly dog, just too many times this morning, dragging a -palate that had concrete filled posts!!I finally blocked the gaping hole. And feeling super sorry for myself, for having to do it. I returned to be met by Steve, who took attatchments off, the back, that were rubbing on the tyre. And declared the brakes needed bleeding? He did ask me if the brake pads had been changed ever? I said I thought they had?

She's gone to hosp over night, and I said I'd have her back tomorrow night, and I will borrow one tomorrow at Hillsborough. I can only work there 10-2 tomorrow because of transport issues.

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  1. The brakes were given a full going over last time Ziggy was here.
    I wonder if they get too hot - you're neck of the woods is damn hilly and I'd certainly be looking to keep the speed low coming down some of those hills. It *could* be overheating the oil which is why they seem to be needing more than normal TLC...