Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Without mentioning Individuals...?

This will be so difficult! Why people get techy about being associated wi my blog, I do not know :)

Urmmmm, I can mention HealthBeMe? and Roz Davies, I think. Too late now.... :)xx

She along with other folk from the council, Voluntary Sector, and the Health Service, are helping me put the Record of Involvement online, and making it interactive, and live. So I can support and direct folk as they go through Community engagement. And help with ideas and networking.

I've given you a hint of why I've not been very sociable, you'll just have to bare with me on this.

As for cycling, word on the street says they are gonna start prescribing, exercise. I'm trying to get hold of whoever is in charge at Cycling 4 All? But everyones denying responsibility???

It's pure anarchy! :)

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