Thursday, 2 May 2013

:( I'm V Sad.

I've not really slept for 2 nights, because of my teeth!! It's crazy, how s'thing that happened 25 years ago, can have such a massive impact, and cause so much pain. I'm talking about my teeth, and how the enamel on the Right side of my mouth have ground down, to reveal just the Dentine. Therefore removing all the enamel, this along with the effects of 4 clementines a day!! has left me in so much pain. I've not been able to hold a conversation, on the telephone, because I keep screaming in pain. It's as though my Saliva, is too acidic.

So I'm off to Cycle to Dore and catch the 10.15 train to Hathersage, where my lovely dentist is. Instead of spending a lovely dayu at Hillsborough, Cycling at Cycling 4 All. 

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