Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bionx Pedal Assist?

Can anyone fit one please, to Ziggy my Greenspeed. I was gonna be buying a used PA Scorpian, but the guys decided he wants to keep it. :( can't say as I blame him.

Mmmm one of My mums old carers, contacted me, today. He's calling for a coffee tomorrow????


  1. Fitting the Bionix itself doesn't look too tricky in their video, but it'll bring you some problems... You'll have to change to derailieur gears at the back as it replaces the rear wheel so your hub gear will have to go. I don't know if that'll be tricky for you - derailieur gears are a bit more difficult to use than the hub gear you've been using and the gear can't be changed when not moving...
    The hub motor thing itself looks pretty big - I've not seen any information yet as to whether it can be built into the small 16in wheels that Ziggy uses.
    The cost (of parts) will include the Bionix unit plus refitting Ziggy with derailieur gearing.
    Have you used derailieur gears at Hillsborough or elsewhere???

  2. Ben at Kinetics (in Glasgow) is a BionX dealer and is showing a picture of one on the rear wheel of a trike on his website...
    I've dropped him a note to ask if the hub can be built into a 16in wheel suitable for Ziggy.
    Perhaps if it's possible DaveH might be able to assist on the to-and-fro transport as Ziggy folds and might be 'smuggleable' on a north bound train...?

  3. Checked with Ben and he believes its possible to build a rear wheel with BionX for Ziggy - give him a shout (or ask DaveH nicely to have a chat).