Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear 'Concerned, Glasgow'

I am still alive and kicking, perhaps not so much of the kicking. I seem to have spent an infinite amount of hours today, pressing different buttons on my frigin keypad on the telephone!!! to put me through to departments, that might give me the information, I am seeking, or they might just hang up!!!!

And I am travelling to Perth on Saturday, to stay with a very old friend. Old as in she's been my mate for a long time .She lives on the famous Salmon River??? So Finn (bum-bum) is going to catch our dinner. Whilst Daisy collects eggs, from the chickens.

Life is still good at Hillsborough, but I feel like I'm not getting enough opportunity, to be inspirational, and creative with my ideas. Regarding All ability Cycling, and attracting new punters.

My link with the CTC isn't a link anymore :( He listens for 5 hours a week, but then I know the insightful info isn't been passed on, like it was.

My involvement with HealthbeMe, is exciting though, and keeps me in touch with lovely jubbly folk!

And it is the future of the way health is going for individuals, to take responsibility, for their own health., is the new internet community.

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