Saturday, 27 April 2013

Thursday, Cycling 4 All.

I loved it, I couldn't be more effective at Hillsborough, if I had a billboard, and a loud speaker. Because when, I get there at about 10? Often Steve and Graham are out on the Velor Pluses, with Walkley Lodge, and we have a Guy with Autism, who is very solitary, and will not look or communicate with anyone. He's been attending since last September, and for the first time EVER he passed me whilst cycling, slowed right down and gave me the broadest smile ever!! I love, meeting all the dogs, in the park and their owners.

I'd been texting Dave a Brain Injured chap, and talked him into coming, I'm so glad, he decided to, because I like to think I brightened his day.  He came in for a coffee, with his Carers, on condition that he would try the side by side with me after.  We did try the foot pedal one a few times, but Dave found it difficult to keep his feet on the pedals. So I phoned Steve, and asked him to bring the Side by Side Hand Cranked Cycle down. Dave tried it, and we were off!!  He loved it.

By chance the young woman who usually comes at about 1, to use the Hand Cranked Tandam, text me to say she couldn't come. So Dave had an extra long time, which we both loved :)

I really thanked Steve for creating this Community, because I think without his Passion, Cycling 4 All, wouldn't have survived. And I certainly wouldn't be as happy, because I'd struggle to find a channel to display my enthusiasm for life. 


  1. You've just cheered me up :o)

    There's summat going on in Sheff in September I'm hoping to go to...

    So see you then if not before.

  2. Wow, are you going to apply, to be a delegate? Do you fancy being a double act?? :) I'll take my trike!