Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ewwwww!!!! the silence is killing me!!!

You know how open, and blabber mouth I can be? well.......??? I can say s'things, like I am becoming part of Healthbeme, because of who I know basically. Thing is though in the 25 years of living with a damaged brain. It's never been put to the test? And I think it's at full capacity? Because taking on new things, is becoming very difficult, and unreliable. But I'm visiting the drs next week, for an MOT, as I had a very weird experience last week, I don't know if it was a siezure? in my sleep? I didn't wee though!!! but in my 'Dai ja vue' experience.....Wow allsorts of memories got jumbled together, leaving me thinking I'd had a Stroke!! Thankfully, that wasn't the case. But it begs the question, did I further damage my brain?

As well as HealthBeMe, there is another opportunity arisen. Altogether Better are looking for s'one to support the Health Champions. I've phoned Access to work, and they have agreed, in principle  to part funding my taxi fair around Sheffield. But ity would be so much better!!! wouldn't it? If I could Cycle to the various Host places who employ Health Champions? So Wendy Creed and John Thraves are selling me his much loved Scorpion Xf Pedal Assist trike!!! And bringing it for me in June! So watch this space.................

Oh I can't go without mentioning my beloved Hillsborough! It's still going strong, it has the old faves (that's not a reference to their age!!) like Marj and Barry, and they don't ever quibble about payingh, and then there's Chris who just cycles non stop, and really tests me!!! And there are others, who have started regularly attending, including a young woman, who I met 2 years ago, and she uses the hand cycle, side by side. But then there are the ones, who just wanted to drink coffee all day. And they've stopped coming. So win some, and loose some.

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