Monday, 14 October 2013

Richard/Julie/Tracy/Vicky. Ey I've had a few!!!

Personal Assistant/ Cleaner I've had a few. But that makes me sound awful, I'm a lovely boss honest. Today I welcomed the latest Lady, :) She seems lovely. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I think purple hair and tattoos are cool.

What a pain, I lost my debit card and my bus pass today. Whist cycling back in the rain from my mate Anj' house. I know what I did!!!!! durrrrr!!! I cant see my zip too well, on my tiny hand bag, and I unzipped it as apposed to zipping it shut. What an a* I've had to cancel the world. I aint even started on my bus pass yet.

I'm getting worried about Thursdays expedition, I've sent an email to Claire and Mel at First travel,  when rather flippantly, they sent an email saying 'no problem I could fold the cycle' yeah once it was possible. I believe!!

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