Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Last Supper :(

I have been  quite emotional today,  at the thought of not seeing Steve M again, I know I'm a softie? Because he does nowt to encourage such feelings. It's because he was my saviour. Saving me from a sordid life of Sex and Booze, (ok he helped me reduce!!! :D and encouraging me to lead a more positive, and self respecting existence. He played a key role in my presence at Cycling 4 All, which earned me the Greatest Honour of Olympic Torchbearer in 2012.

I spent the morning, visiting an old (well same age!) school friend who'd started working at Forge Dam, one of my coffee stops, when I began cycling in Endcliffe Park.. She looked fab, and informed me that 2 years previously she had sustained a fractured skull, (eek) she fell backwards downstairs'  hope that another old friend is ok, as he too, has spent a month fighting for his life, having a serious brain injury after falling from a roof.  And having a heart attack, whilst he lay in a coma.

So despite Dave's humour about making sure I'm sitting on the right sort of battery, for the ultimate experience,  of the new Ziggy, when she is done. I'm really not looking forward to my final day, with Steve and Graeme, Charlie, and Andy. Dave Brenan is away.

It sounds so wrong that the best years of my life, have been as a 'crippled Single Mum.'

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