Thursday, 10 October 2013

Have the CTC gone Bonkers!!

Why change a wining formula???? Steve Marsden knows I will do anything (Steady on....nearly)  to promote him and Inclusive Cycling. But with him, not anyone else. It was him who's ear I bent for 3 years. It was him who supported me with my children, and my dog. And just occasionally had to drop everything to come and help me with a puncture, or my derailleur. It was his project, that got us an invite to the queens tea party, to the Paralympics with Nick Clegg. And I know it was the lovely Nigel, who nominated me, to carry the Olympic Torch , but it was for my work as a Health Champion for STEVE. That I displayed hours of commitment and  devotion too.

It was his enthusiasm and happiness that has always made me spread my happiness. See it's very contagious. Many tears were shed at Hillsborough today. (ok they were nearly all mine) How we dreamt of empowering more folk like myself who had sustained brain damage either through a medical condition, or through a trauma. And helped them to achieve a level of independence.

And maybe tomorrow? because I keep crying whenever I think of my perfect life changing.? But I need to speak to s'one from Cycle Sheffield, about the train tram thing. Don't worry I still intend to do it, but they want to fold my trike to take it on the tram. I don't do that.

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