Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm Here!!! I'm back :)

I just needed a prompter, from Dave :) Me and security locks? either cyber ones, or 'rubrics cube' security bike ones? I'm pants at them all.

Oooooh I've gone for a very little part in a project looking at the transition between NHS and Social Care Services, but in London. They ???? want to pay a 'Punter' 'Service User' 'Client' an 'Individual' (delete as appropriate)!! to sit on an advisory panel. In the true manner of Co-Production. My friends/colleagues at Redvers House found it and encouraged me to apply.

I have been cycling, getting the train and 2 trams to Hillsborough recently. But it only takes me about 75mins. Which isn't much longer than Community Transport, on it's normal days!! Which reminds me??? Apparently the boss of the community buses, wants a word!!???

I feel I have a lot of little battles going on, to do with Ziggy. I can't wait till I can cycle her home from Hillsborough, I know I'm doing it on the 17th (stopping off at the Cycle Sheffield Meet, in the Town Hall) But I would love to 'take it for granted, and it not be an excursion.

I'm waiting for another 8 weeks, for the right battery to be delivered to these guys in York? So hopefully before Xmas.

The Interviews for a Cycling Development Officer, for Sheffield and the North East are happening on Monday.  I hope sooo much that Steve Marsden gets it, if he doesn't I don't envy the person who does! NEARLY... all the trainers at Hillsborough and me, have talked about not working, for anyone else. And it's soo sad, what would happen to the Marjorie and Barrys, the David and Sues, and Norma, her daughter and her husband. ???

I can't think of anything else I want to talk about now, I am speechless!!!!


  1. Nice though your thoughts are, do apply the hand in a bucket of water test to all your thinking.

    I did wave but I had a meeting in Leeds to fit in and the train was 34 minutes late by Sheffield - If you were sprog-free today you might have considered coming up to the conference today (Sat).

    Hope to hear good reports on 17th adventure

  2. :) What do you mean? Is it like, if your hand is put in water, whilst you are sleeping, it makes you urinate? Apparently!!

  3. No - put your hand into a bucket of water, and then remove it. now tell me if you can still see where your hand was in the bucket of water...

    Just a thought on how much any of us are ultimately indispensable