Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The suspense is killing me!!

I'd love to know if Steve had got 'his' old job back? And I'd love to know if I'd got a little gig in London? I do wonder if Steves been told... and for whatever reason, wants to tell me himself.

I totally wasted the day, hanging round the PC and home, just incase s'body called. I know it's a bit sad :)When I did venture out, it was Brrrrrr, just a tad cold. I think I may even put my thermals on tomorrow, for Cycling 4 All. I had to nip to the drs for my Flu jab, which was gorgeous! I did struggle though :D I got upto the T junction of Baslow Rd, which is at the top of a steep hill, and I ts a dual carriageway. I turned my left crank, realising my shoe lace was fastened in it. I had to furiously back pedal to get it undone/looser, but unfortunately I cant be a real woman, because I'm hopeless at muti tasking. And couldn't keep still? I ended up sliding backwards down Mickly Lane, calling franticly to an Older woman, on her bike whomwas an absolute STAR.  She said  'How can I help? It'sCaroline, isn't it?'I've seen Pictures of you! :) I was giddy that she knew me it was great, and I tried not to act all 'Snobby' and aloof, as I thrusted my smelly black plimsole in her 'Coupon'

At the doctors all the nurses huddled round to discuss, the importance of my orange flag. And thanked me. There is a Guy who I often see, on a recumbent bike. Who never has a flag.  I must admit, I absolutely cack myself if I ever forget mine. What do other Recumbent riders think?

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