Monday, 28 October 2013


I woke this morning, amazed that it was 8.00. I had chuntered off to bed last night grumbling about how the weather was sure to keep me awake all night?? !!! But I slept like a baby!! Robbie dog had snook up in the night, and had sprawled across the entirety of my bed, leaving me with a corner, where I clung like a postage stamp!!

The dogs weren't happy, as I shackled them to Ziggy, in the wind and the rain. Coming back it was a mixture of wet leaves and feebleness that prohibited me from climbing on to my drive. I had to spin around and speed, and ram it up the drive.

Jon, the a* feeler called to see me, which was nice, :)

I nipped to the shops with the dogs shackled to my trike. Robbie wasn't happy about the bin lorry!! Bless. But we are fed and watered or  wined!!!!

Ahhhh bless it's my wee boys b'day tomorrow :( and he's not here. He's in Lanzerote.   :(

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