Thursday, 7 November 2013

MoveMore at Hillsborough but not C4A......

The tumble weed blew across the ball courts, spaghetti western music played in the distance :D The sound of bolts being drawn back sharply, echoed through the park, like gun shots. The ghostly sound of laughter rang in my ears, and the screeching of brakes and skidding of tyres on the concrete.

Today was about visiting Dave, who had gone to Hillsborough early, just so he could be there for folk who needed him. I needed him!! I had a slow puncture. '' Of course I will help you with it'' come to the Park tomorrow. :) Had been his reply last night, as I wailed down the phone to him! So I'm all better now, thanks to my gorgeous friend.

The MoveMore event yesterday, was fab, I really hope I've planted a few seeds, in folks heads. About Who needs to be involved at Cycling 4 All.

I'm so glad I had the poster made?? Because it was my back drop projection :)

Hey, I'm interviewing for my new cleaner tomorrow, he's like the man off the Coca-Cola advert! (Shall I provide a uniform?!!)

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