Saturday, 9 November 2013


It had to be done this morning, at 9. But it was bearly light!! I took Holly dog, in the forest and through the meadows, whilst shackled to Ziggy. But I got soaked, and no it wasn't raining, but my trike was no protection from the long grass.

3 years ago I met an amazing Guy called Nic Marcs, at the time he was founder of the New Economic Foundation. But now he runs Happiness Works. Anyway he sent me a video of him giving me a mention, at one of his Workshops for Coke. (its the 3rd video, and he mentions me at ther end, apparently there was a pic of me on my trike. /But one thing I find really lovely, is that he doesn't associate my happiness being as a result of the exercise he thinks it's because it gives me the opportunity, to share my happiness, which makes me happier. :) Ahh I do like him, he is soooo intelligent.

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