Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wow!! :)

I need a local Host Organisation, to put the Record of Involvement online? amd £300, and I reckon it's a goer. Kirril seemed suitably impressed, at my cak handedness! or Kerry fistedness!! and oodles of support. To want my Creation, and to take it forward to the next level.

On another point, how stupid is Job  Centre Plus, well the rules! I mustn't let it get personal? I am in a very good position, to get a job, for the first time in 15 years. And bureaucracy  isn't doing me any favours.

I am very lucky :)


  1. The Kerrs being a sept of Clan Douglas built Falkland Palace to suite their family trait - of being left handed - hence Kerr-y fisted. They played a blinder by making their spiral staircases go the opposite way to everyone else (clockwise) and thus leave the their enemies struggling to swing a weapon in their right hand whilst the Kerrs had plenty of space to use their weapons left handed.

  2. Fortunately this Douglas is quite definitely Right handed. I may have played a blinder though. :)

    Have you got Xmas sorted, to see the girls?

  3. No foreseeable possibility - I've learned that they tried some cricket with some of the UK women's team at school. I might visit Leicester though and say thanks to folk there who have supported me.

    It does get very saddening when you call and get the phone lifted and put down on you. Perhaps once their mother gets what she wants, things may improve, but the damage has been done. It mirrors the way things went in the generation before, which is both upsetting and raises anger that, as I discover from so many other fathers in this position, the whole system is set-up with a massive bias in the way that father-child relationships are (mis-) handled.

    Bob Geldof made a very good short series of programmes as a high profile father placed in exactly the position of being blocked from access to his children.