Saturday, 26 October 2013

It still hurts

So i'll be brief to let you know I'm ok.

I had the customary tour of Sheffield, but I didn't really mind, because I wanted the memory, if that makes sense?

I arrived to meet John, , a double amputee and his 2 carers and Steve. J used the side by side hand cycle, because he was a relatively new amputee, and didn't have oodles of confidence. 'I'll go on my own next week' he said. Well it finishes today, for a few months, we had eo disappoint him :( He was fab though just the kind of person, who could really benefit from getting his own hand cycle and rehabilitating himself a bit, in his new accessible home.

I don't know much else it's a bit of a blur. Marj and Barry came, she's not been well, and has been told that very gentle exercise at a sedentary pace is fine. So we did our usual 15 laps of the courts very slowly :)

I missed Dave B :(

I have had some posters made, of all the faces, cycles, I have come to associate with Hillsborough. I know it's extravagant, but I've  got copies for free if anyone wants one.

I've gotta go. xxxx

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