Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Should I stay or Should I go???

I am definitely going to C4A on Thursday, but after then, I honestly don't know?

I have agreed to do an internet video to promote exercise, even or especially if you have a disability. Because as in my case, it was a matter of finding my passion, which happened to be Inclusive Cycling, but it could be Inclusive anything really? It's for Ollie Hart, I like working with Ollie very much :) and Roz Davies, who seems to support everything positive :) on the 6th of November., at the City Hall.

I love being 'inspirational, it's why I get up, in the morning, to Inspire my kids and more.....

But who'll be at Hillsborough now to inspire me?

I asked Steve and no ones mentioned it to him. And I'm not sure if he wants too now? I wish folk would talk....I'm crying now, I didn't want it ever to end, because I've had some of the best days of my life, since I met Steve Marsden, and cycled.

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