Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sweaty face!!!

It's too hot!! I tied Holly dog to my trike at 7.30 this morning, when it was fairly cool....? not really, but in comparison to what it became!! So I took her for a drag :) in the forest, with the meadow. I don't know what she will be like if I get an electric trike?? She'l be the fittest dogin Sheffield. The thought of me being able to do more and go further on my trike is totally wacky and soooo exciting!!

I would need s'one to help me on the Sheffield Cycle Routes now? I'm not sure how willing Steve Marseden would be now, he aint paid for it???

My face is dripping...Yuk!!.... doesn't sound too attractive does it??

I aim to do the same with Holly tomorrow, it all depends how much sleep I get. Night. xxx


  1. What's the problem with the Sheffield Cycle Routes? You need somebody to navigate or you? Or are they those stupid routes with gates to stop elephants using them? It's so often a problem apparently! They really would rather keep out elephants than actually make the paths useable!!!

  2. I need a bit more than that, like a bit of highway code and stuff, but thing is I don't know what I need to know until I'm doing it.

  3. Yeah, same with the rower I'm renting - I didn't know what features I 'need' without trying one for a while first.
    Is there any free adult cycle training to be had in Sheffield? I tracked some down for a friend in Birmingham but I don't know how widespread it is.
    But I guess if there was, Steve would already know!

  4. You're right Pedal Ready do it, and I do know a lot of the trainers. But they only tend to do one trip, and like I say Steve seems to know what I'm about to try...before I do. He has saved me from some nasty scrapes! But I think once the new trike becomes a reality?? Hopefully s'thing would materialise.

    Can you borrow a hand cycle for building your upper body? (I know it's easier said)