Saturday, 27 July 2013

I meant 2!!

I'm just greedy!! I am of course electrifying the one I've got. Any news on that Rob? Do you need any money off me yet? I've got it in a secret bank account!!

Took the dogs in the woods at 8am, and in answer to a question Rob, I do have to put my MD on twice, on that journey once to get over a waste pipe, and I do need it to get up my drive.

It's just started rumbling with thunder. And sight hounds are such wuss' in the rain!!! so I might be dragging em in the morning.

Oh, and thank you Mark for trimming my bush.


  1. Is your topiary now in South American style? - hedge reduced to a narrow strip of foliage?

  2. :D It would be if we weren't talking about the privit.

  3. Bah - typed a reply, hit 'publish' and it vanished... oh well, try again...

    No, sit tight on your cash for now. Carol has ordered the boom.
    The motor people want to fit the motor to the boom themselves so that needs to wait for the Australian part to arrive.
    More news when the Aussie shipping happens!