Monday, 1 July 2013 s'thing, is coming to Hillsborough on 03/08/13

Bad timing? because all the cyclists I know will be in London.

Inspired by Karen Darke (the Olympic Medallist in Hand Cycling) I am reading her book (purchased off ebay for £2.40) and it's kind of knocked me side ways! Her early days, in hospital are so like my memories, some of the frustrations of being totally bed ridden, how it was a separate world outside the ward. And more than anything, how it changes the thrill seeker/risk taker side of you?

The s'thing is having a thing in 4 main Parks in Sheffield, including Hillsborough, through the first 2 weeks of August. This is to include a few celebrity B listers? (sorry Richard Cayborn) :) but thing is........drum roll!! I've been asked!!

Initially on Quest 88 running bike!!! but I've said I will try that, and if I can't then I must be able to use Ziggy. I'm waiting for an answer. ?

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