Thursday, 25 July 2013

Safest way to travel?

Wow I bet you train engineers, are having some heated discussions?

Was it human error that drove that locomotive so fast, causing it to 'tip' off the line, in Spain? Or was it a fault with the engine? Should i9t have had a cut off, to stop it speeding.

And I'm sorry, what's the church of England doing??? is it taking on Wonga??? I purposely avoid Wonga because I know they would make it too easy to get into debt.

I've missed C4A today soooo much. So I know it won't be the same, but I'm visiting Hillsborough Park, next week, I've booked my transport, and I will pop in to meet Dave, and Pam, and Jan.

I have taken the dogs in the woods, everyday for over a week tied to my trike. And they love it, but Robbie, is so competitive, he strains to get in front of me!! But it's sooo quiet in my house, without Daisy and Finn, who are sunning it on the beach in Los Angel es


  1. More than just that one plenty of issues on this side of the channel in past 24 hours as well.

    In my book its not simply the speed - most railway speed limits are set with huge margin of safety and are largely in place for passenger comfort, and to keep wear and tear on the track down - the LMS attempt at a speed record in 1938 (112mph heading past Acton Bridge) hit the tracks at Crewe Station at 3 times the speed limit, and stayed on the track, albeit giving everyone on the train a good shaking up and damaging the track on the way in.

    On the video there appears to be a very small dip as the train is in the far distance, which translates to a ripple in the train which lifts a coach up off its resting plate on the following coach. The train splits and the back section heads off tangentially up the slope and on to the street, as the ripple travels down the train and throws another coach up so that the back of the train carries on along the track being dragged over by the bit in front. The front loco stayed on the rails but when the coaches being dragged off behind it hit the wall it got pulled over and off the rails.

    I'd want to be taking a very close look at the track in the 100-150 metres past the motorway bridge for a soft spot or even a small track twist.

    Seriously on good well aligned and supported track you would be flung against the side of the carriage well before there was any risk of the train coming off the track.

    Thinking of convenience and trikes have you tried out the di Blasi - especially the one with wheels the same size as Ziggy although its an upright riding position it is a single push-pull action to collapse or unfold the trike and pack it away in to take on a bus, taxi, or train.

  2. I knew/hoped you were still a listener. And I knew that little cookie would tempt you out of silence? ! Thank you for your very clear explanation, I did hear SIMILAR, FROM A GUY BEING INTERVIEWED, so hopefully they will get there. But I think the train driver is gonna be a scape goat ???

    I have tried the Di Blasi, and that would certainly be a good idea, for train travel. I'm not so sure about hills though or any distance??? So maybe I need 3!!!! :)