Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wow, I cracked it, I'm back!!!!!

You know s'times, I am just soooo dim???? :) perhaps you ought not answer.

Last Tuesday, I think it was?.... I don't know I was kind of in a right low spot in my life! I'd got no Ziggy, and she'd been in hospital for 12 days. With Steve Marsden doing the surgery. I couldn't have got much worse, when my computer was attacked by every virus in the world!! So with no Cycle to cycle on, and no Pc to write on, that explains my absence . At 10 am, all hell broke loose with Ziggy coming home, my computer being taken, a tent arriving, and a gate!! Urm, but everyone had to look after themselves whilst I stroked Ziggy :) We vwent for a couple of wee rides that day, nothing mad just the things that I had once taken for granted, like the woods, Anj' for a cuppa, and the shops. All seemed fine.

Wednesday, I was to put her to the test. I cycled to meet Emily at Millhouses Park, calling at little Tesco for a lot of shopping! Now they are resurfacing Baslow Rd? Which has meant razor sharp black stones, lying as extra on the fantastic new road. And I thought to myself, mmmm I bet I get a flat! and sure enough I did. But I didn't notice until the next day. And I'd forgotten how to change a tyre or owt :D don't laugh. So I rang Steve who was at my house in a jiffy, he charged me though for his time :)

I've been borrowing C4As Greenspeed  Anula, which is just as well because Community Transport are refusing to take Ziggy!!! I have used the transport for over a 18 months? 3 weeks ago, a new driver lifted my trike onto the bus, I did actually tell him to hang on so I could help??? He immediately doubled up, and explained it was his Hernia, that he was having operated on the following week! And now??? they won't take Ziggy!! until I have been reassessed. I think tough tatters, he shouldn't have been at work, if he wasn't fit!!

I have absolutely loved it at Hillsborough though. It is just sooo busy, I am struggling to have lunch!!

I'm doing some research into Hand Cycles at the moment because of a gorgeous guy whose started attending :) but hey, i'd do it anyway. Another of my online friends has come for the first time, she experienced a brain aneurism 2 years ago. I'm not too sure of her abilities other than she's a fab Mum :)

The Inclusive Cycling Forum, of which I am the publicity person??? Is wanting ideas for its AGM, I've talked to Steve M about whether we could host it in Sheffield? and there is a fab venue, about a mile from my house, in the ancient woods near my house. And Steve is now based there 2 days a week. So he's confident we could use it, it's called Hectors House :)

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