Thursday, 11 July 2013

I loved today, cycling makes me sooo happy.

I loved today :) I don't actually know if it's the physical effort, or just talking to people, and helping them be happy. But I do love Cycling 4 All.

I would do owt, to be able to get a pedal assist trike, so I could attempt to get to Hillsborough Park, on my own. I know in theory I could but it would be a trike ride, a train, and 2 separate tram journeys, with a bit of a walk at the end.

Hey has anyone seen these? Would it work on

Perhaps my reason for loving Cycling,  is being in the moment, and how cycling helps me to not dwell too much on the past or the future? But today I did very little cycling, I was just incredibly gushy, and happy. I've just realised that sounds sooo rude!!! sorry folks :)

Sheffield Community transport, are still refusing to take Ziggy!!  I've spent 3hrs today, just getting to Hillsborough and back. I could have got to London in less time!!

Steve M had invited an ex-cyclist, who used to do about 20miles a day and more, and then 6 months ago he'd experienced a Stroke, effecting one side of his body. He was already cycling round the ball court, when I arrived, so I can't take any credit, for him giving it a go. But I made a big fuss of the couple and persuaded them to join us for a cuppa.

Fiona came back, Sorry I didn't get chance to speak, I hope you can join us in September.

I can't wait till September the 5th, but it's just sooo busy, and I don't want to cut folk short. I hope s'one gives the project sooo much money over the summer, so we could open twice a week.

Missed Dave though.

Looking forward to going to the pub with a few from Hillsborough, on the 23rd.

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  1. How about this one?

    See, even has photos of one behind a trike...