Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gateway to my happiness :)

TF I've got a new gate! and no longer have to run after Holly, every time I let her out for a wee-wee. She's got bog all recall skills, and just saunters back when she feels like it! Today at last Steve Marsden fitted my new gate,  ( I did pay him, beforevyou all think that I'm being ungrateful. And I got my spare inner tube, thank you Rob and Carol.

I can't believe !!!!! what Holly dog did today!!??? I cycled with her to the local shops, dragging behind as she does, but she absolutely loves it, because any other way. And I'm just not quick enough for her. Outside the shop, I tethered her to the usual post, which is in the middle of the pavement. I was in the shop about 20mins, I came out to see 2 massive heaps of steaming, sloppy pooh. Next to Ziggy,  luckily I had pooh bags!!! It was a bit embarrassing though.

I am sacrificing a Healthbeme meeting tomorrow, because I want to grab as much bum in saddle time as I can,  because C4A is finishing for a month, at the end of July.

Fionas coming tomorrow, and lorraines hopefully bringing Pat. :)  I'm excited, how old am I? Im so childish at times!!

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