Wednesday, 31 July 2013

To my friends up North

What a load of B*


 I so wish it was that simple.

I came back from a meeting the other day with a Cycle hater for a Taxi driver!  Who I hadn't had before, and listened to him blaming the Road planners for the cities chaos in rush hour and he went onto say, how stupid it was to give cyclists the priority at traffic lights, because all it succeeds to do is make them look silly, as they try and go faster than the traffic, and really Piss drivers like him off. Because they're blocking the way. I think he needs to read his 'Nice Way' Code!!

Forgot to mention, yesterday, was a huge success at the 'RoI goes digital'. I can't believe how big this has become. What started out as a cup of coffee at Waterstones, is gonna help so many folk Volunteers, Clients, Patients alike. 

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  1. Is that the motor traffic your taxi driver is talking about? I think I know the traffic he means, its the line of cars that I overtake when I'm cycling in to Sheffield if I stop off in town overnight, or as on Old Street in London, where I was yesterday, the vehicle count puts cycles as 49% of the 'traffic' on the carriageway (and it is all on the carriageway as you hardly see any footway-riding adults in Central London). At 49% the cycle count is bigger than the count of buses, and taxis added together, so I think your taxi driver is exhibiting all the signs of being a member of a group who perceive they are under threat and have to fight back.

    I had to think back and remember what RoI was - I think you might need a glossary of terms somewhere or (look at there is a keyword index you can put in the right had column with 'Links' and 'followers' and the words you use regularly or for a topic can have links back to the postings you made. Simples.

    What does strike me is that your group for RoI and even that for Hillsborough might be good with a specific identity, perhaps with the name of someone living or dead or a location/historic detail - eg the Waterstones (Sheffield) RoI or the 'NW' all ability cycling group.

    Very pleased with myself for a good run for the 6 or so miles I have to ride if there is no local train to get to my sister's for an overnight stop under 25 minutes and with the chain coming off halfway.