Thursday, 18 July 2013

Awwww I miss everyone :(

I missed everyone today from Cycling 4 All, only 7 weeks....and counting! till it starts again. But I know it wouldn't have been right for me to carry on going and meeting the usual's, and telling another 40 individuals they couldn't ride. Although, never say never??? :)

I had a visit from Community transport today regarding Ziggy :), the driver and his hernia?, and the weekly trips to Hillsborough Park. I didn't dare tell him about my cunning plan. The fab West Country Recumbent (Rob and Carol) are fitting a Pedal Assist to Ziggy. Well kind of? Rob is fitting the motor to a new Boom, and then he's coming to my house and simply switching the Booms over :) My plan Cycle there and get a lift time :) We will see?

I think it will be some time though because the parts are coming from Australia, but I'm willing to wait because it is soooo exciting, I hope it's as good as I am imagining it will be. :)

Hey, I've continued to cycle at the crack of dawn, wi my dog. But I'm right proud, because I creasoted my new gate today. Why would I ever have paid s'one???

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