Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot & Sticky

Some of you long term folk, might remember that a year ago I started wi my sensitive teeth? TF! I'm believed at last! I went to the main dental hospital today. When the Consultant ??? saw my tooth, or gum at the back she was full of concern. My breath must be horrid!!! So I'm having it extracted at my dentist, which will be a train journey.

I was just going, and she said, 'Oooooh that's right I remember you now. You'd be a fantastic study, for some of my Students' I offered her my contact card, and she said, no thanks. She could find me, if and when??? So I don't know what that meant.

Wow, I forgot to mention,  I have just completed only the 2nd book I have managed to read, since my brain injury. The first was 'Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach? and the second.. was 'If You Fall' by Karen Darke, which was autobiographical and it told of how this 21 year old very fit woman's life changed just so much, (but soooo much more than words can say) When she became wheelchair bound, but some of her words, just made me go 'Yeah, that's so right' Including how Cycling made her live in the present, and that is why she associated it with being happy, I think that's so me!! Because I have to concentrate and focus on staying safe. It lifted me from melancholy.

She spoke of how in the early days in hospital, she would set her self little goals. And I did exactly the same, with my walking frame, and 14 steps, with a landing step after 7, where I would turn and look up at my key worker, Neil who was a gorgeous 25 year old. I haven't changed have I??? Just waiting for him to mutter approval, and praise.  And that to me at the time was worth all the effort.

It has been so hot today, but I was determined, to at least take Holly out, and on my trike because it tires her, just pulling against the trike. SoI just nipped to the local shops which are maybe about half a mile away? So not far, but I was drenched with sweat.

I've got a Brain Injury Rehab Redevelopment Partnership, meeting tomorrow.

And then at last Steve Marsden, is coming to fix my gate on. Not for free mind!! :)

I do just love my trike xx

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