Saturday, 20 July 2013

I've stopped weeing!!

Does this mean I'm secretly thin??? because I am sweating profusely!!

Seriously I hate tap water! I think it's because of my brain injury?? don't smile, but I have got an incredibly astute sense of taste and smell, because of it. Maybe that's why I can taste the metal in water, from the pipes?? But I am running out of things to drink!

I've not been on my 20minute,   ride this morning, it wasn't that I didn't want to or owt, it was just I thought I'd let Finn do it for a change, except he walked.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my fellow 'Nutters' (sorry if that offends!!!) I'm referring to my Write Way writing group, the group that brings brain injury survivors together to explore their writing skills.

Any news Rob?

Oh'  I like the additional Brompton thingy Dave, I could have done with that for taking my kids to school.

A bit of an extra :) My son, and I took the dog in the forest, so he could show me all his little adventures, like the cliff he leaps from to get over the river?????? and the tyre rope swing him and the older children made. (I kinda wish I didn't know almost!!!)

Awww, a year ago this man, I used to see on the Park in the morning with his Staffy, left a cuddly squeaky dog toy on my NEW gate this morning, because 'Pip' his dog ate Hollys toy. How lovely of him, sooo I've pinned a big Thank you to the gate now :) Aren't folk just lovely :)


  1. Well you ought to think about joining a Sheffield Friday Night ride (Tour de Frites is fun) or a bike bus run (just past Tesco's for the starting point) like a bus with a driver and conductor but you all have to pedal on your own bike with them.

  2. I just couldn't cycle that far, I could maybe get to the meet, and home. But I wouldn't be able to cycle once I'd met folk. Especially in the warm weather.