Monday, 29 July 2013

don't quote, I like sitting on the fence

How stupid and dangerous, to let car drivers stop for a short time on double yellow lines!! It just shows how seriously 'Pickles' wants to encourage folk to cycle?  Unless cyclists were given a lane down the middle of the road??

It's gotta be safer than traveling by train or coach, I'm not entirely serious, I know rail is the safest :)

I've got a huge event tomorrow at SOAR in Pitsmoor, about putting the Record of Involvement online. With the help of HealthBeMe.

I am in it with some sound folk though :) so i'm sure no one will let me make a total Ass of myself.

I've had to walk Robbie dog on the grass, it appears the pounding of concrete, was dislocating his hip....eeewwwwwww!!! Because hes better now, I've reduced his walks amd limited them to grass only. I'm sorry am I being boring?? :)

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  1. Well just look back at some of Mr Pickles other great ideas ....

    Meantime turn you mischevious thoughts to the latest C**p to come out by way of a policy campaign - paid for by cycling budget but apparently for all road users -- The Niceway Code - don't worry it already has a parody campaign....