Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Home Spun Theories??

Doesn't everyone seem to have a home spun theory on Shingles??

I'm sorry I've been quiet, I think I've been wondering how to say this...... Poor Dave Brenon has Shingles. There I've said it!! I don't see the point in keeping it quiet. It's just a fact and I love Dave :(

This could leave us in a fix on Thursday, because Steves away, and we do have a few bookings. But I'm going, Grahams going,  Gavins going and another trainer from Pedal Ready. I've made the Mental Health Group aware. But I don't want Steve or Dave to stress. I just want the A team to be together again.

Because I was with Dave all Thursday of last week, when unbeknown to us, the rash on his face and eye was the start of s'thing sinister. I have scoured the Internet, because 'Selfishly' I was concerned because of my lack of immunity (no spleen). So many confusing contradictions!! So I chose to speak to a friend of mine, and according to her. Shingles isn't contagious, it's sthing that you have in your body if you've had chicken pox??? And if you become ill or weak through s'thing else??? It gets you when your down!!!! I'm sure folk will tell me different.

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