Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'm fine, happy and well.

Last nights blog, ended rather suddenly. Well a bit of a crisis, that nearly ended in 999!!! But didn't, and yuk!! it's too tabboo even for me!

This morning, my children were up and about, and dog walking very early :)

I thought shall i, or shant I go with Nigel West, and Lisa Cox to meet Brendon Stone, or will my pain return. And I am so happy it did not. So I had a very thorough, intense meet today. I did feel totally 'wrung out' by the time I'd finished, which just reminded me, that I have brain damage, and that is why I could not work full time.

I had so many emails, calls and finally a visit from Nick Cleggs Secretary, and the Cabinet Office. That my brain felt a bit like paper  Mache.

I then went to the hairdressers, oooooh I'm soooo vain!! and treated my daughter, to a manicure with that gel naiol polish, which lasts about 3 weeks. Have all you die hard cyclistsswitched off?

This is because I.m going to Endcliffe tomorrow, because The One Show, are doing some filming and want to see a variety of cycles. Apparently they're are there till 7!!

Ahhhh, the lovely Dave has been told by his consultant that he will be ok, to go to Turkey on Sunday. Aftwer initially been told, there was no way he would recover in such a short period!!!

He doesn't return until the middle of September though :) I'm happy he's well.

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