Monday, 13 August 2012

Apologies !!

Thanks Dave for telling me about Cycle Magic, it is such a shame for the folk of Leciester, but selfishly nice for me and a few other folk. Who may get the hands  on any stiock they are selling off.

I am dressing in full torch bearing gear tomorrow. For a BIRRP meeting!! and they are giddy about it???

I have nervously, but assertively set a date, for Cycling to Sharrow, with Steve Marsden, to see how difficult it is for me???? Because I have applied for a job at Sharrow as a paid 'trainee community organiser'. The jobs full time, but I'm only doing it, if I can job share. I want to work to broaden my network of folk, and hopefully gain a bit of respect. I don't need to work! That feels quite privaliged to say that. It's only because I'm not in the least bit greedy!!


  1. Their not totally wound up yet at Cyclemagic, and there may yet be ways to salvage a decent all abilities cycling facility in the area - not least because I had a useful chat with someone today who can see value in doing Bike Club stuff with kids who are rejected by school, because they aren't, academically good, and repay the favour by bunking off and rejecting the school.

    Many are really good at fixing things, and other practical stuff, they can often put those skills to work outside the accepted boundaries, unlocking locks, etc or you can work on the basis that if the Devil makes work for idle hands you have to get in first with a better offer.

    If you or Steve are around Heeley - not that far from Tesco's! (But it is up a hill)
    can you get me an update on how Karlos is getting on? I want to show the guys in Derbyshire to potential.

    Sharrow?? That's a US road marking about sharing the road between cars and cycles. Of course we know how altruistic you are dear. How's the nose?

    Still rally lousy with access, at least they answered the phone on Monday - we'll see on Wednesday - all going down in the notes - now a month since I've had the fortnightly non residential 8 hours, at the an inflexible time window which prevents any variety in choice of activities and is a pig to work around with the way trains operate on a Saturday.

  2. Mmmmm not too sure about Karlos. I'm not feeling great about Recycle bikes, after losing my wheel, on the run upto Carrying The Torch!! It had been serviced by Recycle the dfay before!!!

    I told Steve about Cycle magic, and I sensed a bid?? whether it be for a personal enterprise or a Project, I'm not sure.

    I'm a bit dim You've lost me????

    Can't you get a decent Lawyer?? xx

  3. I have a good lawyer but there is always a massive cost - getting the original access arrangement through the courts plus the costs of access and the demanded 'treats' has added up to a substantial amount. Financially it would have probably cost less burning a £50 note every day, emotionally the cost cannot be measured at all.

    In retrospect, not speaking about earlier about her violent outbursts, and the leverage applied when the trial for domestic assault came up (practically amounting to a breach of bail conditions) was the inverse form of what is claimed for women sticking with violent partners.

    I worry about the influence on the kids which is obvious, and the historic detail which as I've learned more spells out so many reasons why for example the kids have cousins who they'll probably never meet - again through the result of broken relationships.

    I know the feeling about other people 'fixing' your bike and getting it wrong. I've had a relationship with a major local bike shop and on one occasion collected a bike, set off and when I went to pull on the brakes for the first time - nothing happened. They had forgotten to reconnect the cable properly not fun when you are doing 20mph down a hill with just the pedals to stop you, and the lights change.

    That said I nearly did a lot of damage to a nice white sports saloon last night, when the driver tried to blast through a red light that had just changed. He had to brake and turn to travel in my direction, and I had to swing wide to let him make the move without making contact, came the day after reading about a driver dying when his car knocked a cyclist off their bike - cyclist walking wounded driver lost control and crashed.