Tuesday, 10 April 2012

continuing .......

As I got a later Tesco bus this morning, I returned on a later bus...and I was amused? shocked? at what the bus driver, had just interrupted in a steamed up Mini, which was tucked away. Embarrased the man pulled his hood up, and wheel spun out of the car park, and the woman?....She kept her head down, shall we say?

I'v just enquired about sitting on the panel for dishing out a share of 5million lottery money, on worthy Community Projects, I wish Steve wasn't away, other wise I'd see if Hillsborough could put a bid in. Because fair enough, I don't live geographicly in Hillsborough. But I share a similar condition, to the community that uses the Cycles. They sent me an email expressing an intrest.

I tried to sell My Story, to a Journalism agency today, :( I thought they'd be into hearing about the torch. Buggers!!! they said I just wasn't interesting enough!!!! :)


  1. There is a certain skill in selling yourself - some say its the oldest profession.... which neatly takes us back to the start of the post. Your driver must have been close to see him pulling his hood up....