Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Monday the 23rd of April

I do enjoy, my relative lay in, on a Monday, 8.00 am as apposed to 645, it would probably be longer, if it wasn't for the dog. As my children are at their Dads. So I strolled round the Park, nervously planning in my head, the Power Point Presentation, I would be preparing later that morning. I have written the 'Script' storyline for interested folk to check me on, as I speak.

I knew I'd got a meeting with a Guy whose written and designed the RoI with me. I've never really witnessed his Autism before, because he does quite well, at concealing his disability.But I felt a bit like I was walking on egg shells? I couldn't b e my usual helpful suggestive (steady on) self. Because giving him a choice obviously created problems. We finished what we had to do, which wasn't a pleasure, I've got to say. I am very grateful, that a Strategy meeting, that myself and Hannah, had been asked to attend, had been cancelled at the last minute, leaving us both with 2hrs, for me to put my pics on PP and her to be around to assist when needed. All this to save my face at the All ability Cycling Conference in Truro, when 'LIl' old me , is giving a talk on how Cycling has changed my life.


  1. Good luck with the presentation C, and see you in Sheff in a couple of weeks :o)

  2. I intend to go to the Dinner, and Family Ride the next day, fingers crossed.

    I didn't think I'd get to see you tho?