Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's good to be back :)

For Lot's of reasons that I won't go into on my blog, it's even too taboo for me. I had only 2hrs sleep last night. I gave up on struggling, to sleep and decided to make myself a milky warm drink. And went bump-bump-bump-bump all the way to the bottom, on my arse and my left shoulder as my right hand cushioned the impact on my nod!! Ouch!!!alas no one woke at my whimpers, I contemplated making them more audible, but didn't see the point in us all not having any sleep. Of course I fell asleep, an hour before my kids had to be up for school!! I vaguely contemplated phoning and letting folk at Hillsborough down, because looking at the rain I didn't think anyone would show up. But I had promised my mate Lorraine, who was taking her client, to meet me (more for my benefit than hers) and to see what she made of the cycles. And there was a younger Brain Injury Survivor who I'd invited down, after Miriam, had suggested that we meet.

So with hair frizzed, and really in need of straightening, not a lot of sleep. No make up, snug fitting clothes. Because the CTC must either be 'Fattest' or the opposite, because they never have extra large clothes left! I smiled sweetly at the driver from DAR who'd come to collect me, as I passed my keys explainiomg the 2 locks he'd need and which keys. Ey.....this was a good feeling, I'm not bossy? I was just trying to save time honestly.

Steve greeted me, and made me a drink, he was extremely understanding of some of my issues from the previous night, which I was really reassured by. And the rain poured down outside....

Graham arrived, and the rain poured down....

Paul arrived who is my friend Lorraine's man, whose now a Cycle Trainer, and we were all in 'communicado' with Lorraine and her client who was in a wheelchair, and had Learning Difficulties, and a bit contorted. So we sat her in the velor plus, and various folk took turns in riding her round next to me. I chatted away, asking her to point in the direction0n she wanted to go, it was a really nice feeling because I could tell she was really enjoying herself regardless of the weather. Back at the cabin, I was truly soaked. The phone rang, and it was a booking,for someones 80th b'day! the lady concerned had loved Cycling in her youth. And we spoke how we'd make things especially homely for her, with a cake :)

My other contact turned up, she was younger than I (not hard) and she seemed a really lovely person, who would benefit from the Friendship of Hillsborough. She became emotional I'm not too sure why. I hope it wasn't anything bad!!

Russel arrived, I am fond of Russell, but it's a good job, I aint offended, by language or sexual innuendos.


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  2. Hi, sorry for the delay, in replying. I hadn't noticed anyone had been reading, and thank you. I supposed I just say, how I live, and get round things. I don't let much stand in my way. If it helps anyone, that's fantastic. Because it certasinly helps writing. I find it very catharctic.

    Caroline x