Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I'm back :)

Hi Chucks, this is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, an awfully long train journey and Today, which is Monday.(Tuesday now)

I can't really remember Thursday, apart from I really missed folk at Hillsborough, I did phone there mid morning, and I could hear folk laughing and joking, and I wanted to be there. :( Instead, I was layinh myself open to lots of critisism, by goiung to Newquay, to talk to lots of folk, about.... My Cycling Journey. But you've all heard it all. And thank you to Rob and Dom, for making me feel better about that creaking bridge!!

The above Pic appeared in the Times today :), as well as Kev Hickmans very Powerful one.

Is anyone else having difficulty with this Blog? I'm getting in a right tangle. I keep trying to add pics etc of the conference. And I cant do it :(


  1. Welcome back C :o)

    I think most people's problems with Blogger are to do with commenting. Always works on yours , but it often fails half way through making a comment on other ones.

    Don't use Blogger so can't help with the pictures I'm afraid. How did you get the picture of you on the trike in the post?

  2. I was trying to get a different one - accidently!!!

  3. Can you post URL for the Times article - or is that one behind the firewall?