Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Beginnings

I'm sorry Folks, but I give in trying to keep up wi myself s'times!! So you're gonna have to fill in the gaps for me!! Hey tell me if it's good though!

It's Brain Injury Week this week, so the old Cookie about Cycle Helmets will arise!! My view?? I wear mine, most of the time, but I don't not cycle if I happen to have forgotten it. But I like my kids to wear theirs because at the moment, they do some pretty scarey things, and my boy still uses the pavement s'times, and because lamp posts and trees, are like magnets to him, I just think best. But I know I've got double standards! because I don't insist on one when he's being a cool Dude with his mates on his skate board??? sooo I'm a hypocrit!! Personally though, if I've got my helmet with me, and I'm being driven anywhere? I put it on in the car :) Because I live everyday with the effects of having a car crash without wearing a helmet!

Jim Bush arrived, on Friday, to stay at my house because of the Sheffield AGM and Dinner at the Hilton. And having been out all day working interviewing 4 people for The Health and Well being board, the last thing I felt like doing was making tea for guests. So having arranged for my children to eat elsewhere. Jim and I set off for the Spit. Which was pretty full with Sheffield United Supporters, jostling for space arouind the Big Screen, but the resturant part which has no tv, was blissfully empty. (secretly I wanted to know the score anyway, as a secret United supporter)

So we enjoyed, Fishy Friday-food!!!!

Mmmm, I don't thionk Jim was too fond of Holly :) But she was quite happy to spend all her time on my bed, soo that was cool.

Jim ended up locking Ziggy away, as I kept droppin g keys, missing the key hole etc, you know usual kind of slightly drunk behaviour, so I gladly accepted his offer to help. I'm sure Jim won't mind me saying, that he is an amputee, who has had a bang on the head, also.

I didn't go to the AGM, I just thought I ought to see my children s'times :)

I left for Dinner, and to see Kev and Brigitte Hickman, Roger Crosskey, and meet up with Jim and his Mother.   I forced my self on various people :D  Including The guy from the Times, who I think was scared of me, because he hastily introduced me to his 'Girl friend' who was charming and looked like a very pretty 12 year old boy. Jim got an award, for a Cycling 4 All project in Croydon, which he helps at with Isobel Clements and Roger Crosskey. And it looks and sounds fab!!
Awwww, Kevs Ace!! he's coming to watch me carry the Olympic Torch, how cool is that?

Gordon Seabright is the new Chief Exec of the CTC, and I missed the chance to go and say Hi!! I was too wrapped up inm conversations. The dinner went quickly. And don't ask me how but I managed to get hopelessly lost by the canal, when I left :)

I met up wi Jim, and everyone and we said ouir farewells. I would have loved to meet for a ride this morning because its been a cracking day. But I no longer get funding for taking my trike to meets, that start just too far away for me to cycle.

Anyway, I hope I've still got folk who read my blog, business will resume as normal!! And I hope I aint offended anyone!!

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