Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Anyone want to buy a Torch?

I got soooo excited today, as The Torches used in the Relay, reached £153000 (i think that's the right amount of noughts?) But they seem to have settled on about £15000???? I don't know when to add mine, because I really wasnt bothered about selling. But 3 noughts on the end of a figure make it a very attractive asset. So thanks Pete for making that thought possible.

I've got some extremely exciting news for you Dave!!!! First Travel, are bringing a Bus round to my house tomorrow!! (yes I know it's not a bus route)   To see if Ziggy fits??? not really on the bus though.....thing is, on Thursday I wish to travel from Hillsborough Pk. To the Town Hall, and then return again an hour later. I set First travel this challenge on Monday, and Graham Willis, phoned me today, to arrange a visit.

I'm off to York in the morning to share my experience of Co -Production. I'm doing it all for Love and a free lunch!! And the fact that it's one of my driving beliefs, of creating an equal society.

Gosh I am serious at times.

You know I said about the Dial a Ride guy omn Thursday,  the very ignorent one!! (see Health Watch ) Anyway, I feel a bit of a git, but I reported him yesterday!! And I felt loads better for it too. I can't stop thinking how hed spoken about Derek.

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