Thursday, 3 May 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I think my little jaunt last week, has really taken it out of me!! I am really so tired... And usually I tend to go a BIT HYPER, WHEN THINGS ARE BUSY....BUT. oops.

I had to cancel Dial A Ride, because I was needed at Social Services, to help on the interview panel for a new Health and Wellbeing Board Member. In true Co Production style. So SS paid £50!!!! for a taxi to pick me up at 830, and take me to SS till 10 and then to Hillsborough Park. I am very tired, it was so good at Hillsborough, and Nick called in which was ace. Because I did quite miss him.

I'll catch you later, I've got Creative Writing, and the children off school tomorrow, so I must sort out who's going where??????

Nite, I'll try and be more positive tomorrow!!

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