Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ey I'm confused!!

It's not difficult, I know!!

I think I might be entering quite an exciting stage, but I just daren't pause to draw breadth, incase I'm wrong. After a some what tearful, and dare I say lonely Tuesday? I used Dial a Ride to get to Endcliffe Park, for Cycle for Health. Now I'd had a couple of really upsetting things happened at home with my kids, so wasn't in the best frame of mind. So when we all gatherered round to decide, where we were going, and who with. I said ' You've all got my number, can I just head to Bingham Park on my own? I think this shocked folk because I am usually very gregarious, and always sociable. To make matters worse I bumped into an old school friend, who was and still is, incredibly beautiful-looking. We exchanged hello's and I admired her 'little shitty pedigree dog (no it was lovely) and she asked politely what my dog was ? and where I'd got it from I curtly replied Whippet , Erin Hounds Rescue! On my way back from Bingham Park, I over took the group as I sped past on my Recumbent, which was as always.... really slow at the uphill and incfredibly fast, on the down hill.

I bumped into Steve Marsden, on the way back and we went for a cuppa!! He had to adjust my Kick Plates slightly because one of them had become bent.

We shared our thoughts, and I cried, mostly about being on my own :( And not always having the answers????

DAR came to collect me, and the driver took out his tape measure and measured Ziggy 'Don't be alarmed, but some of us drivers are worried about our backs' Bloody Hell, I thought and said 'Ahhh, that'll be the jobs worths then?' to which I didn't receive a reply!!

I got home....I'm tired, I'll catch up soon. I promise x


  1. I was wondering whether to call - you had gone very quiet and although this says Wednesday it hasn't appeared until Friday - time to compare notes perhaps?

    Serious breakdown in communication with kids refusing to answer the 2 x per week calls.

    I like the typo though - pausing to draw breadth. Does the dog go in the trailer now then?

  2. PS trailer of Wummuns ur call in about trials of being single parent - interview with woman made blind by ex and now moving on with 2 kids.

  3. I know the poor woman! He gouged her eyes out didnt he? atleast he got Life!!