Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hey, I did it, you can't expect me to smile as well. (put a pic on here!)

 Hey it was hard work as well, riding the trike I borrowed from quest 88. I did miss Ziggy, I can't remember what sort it was. It was stocked by Quest 88, and was a Drasison? But was actually hard becaue the cranks were very short I thought. I did like an Electric Assist, that I had a shot of...built by Kinetics in Glasgow. And actually cost £5000, but perfect :)

I'm very subtedly (?) influencing the council, by being involved in some Interviews with the Health and Wellbeing board. Trouble is, when practising today? Folk just kept laughing at me being serious!!! As this is my attempt a\t being taken seriously in my co production role. I am going into Redvers House at 8.45, prior to Hillsborough, where Steve is bringing an electric assist, bike for me to try. My life is exciting s'times???? I think so :) Simple things.....? xx

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