Wednesday, 23 May 2012

York......and Sorry Dave

What a cracking morning it was on the Park,  with Holly chasing the swallows who dive bombed her (i swear deliberately!) I was picked up at 830 by Kate Gridley from there it was train and a taxi, and a beautiful day in the lovely City of York. And I know I can talk, just going on, and on...:) I hardly got to mention Cycling and Hillsborough, and the Torch!!(which I aint gonna do anything with until I've actualy got it!! and then it's not coming home with me!! I daren't. I have so many facilties????? is that the right word for connections, involvements that type of thing??? Anyway an hour and a quarter, breezed past, without me barely pausing for breath!! A few folk (10) asked me questions, but they all listened in silence, there was no heckling or giggleing even. Either they were very interested or very bored :) But lovely anyway :) I stayed for lunch at the University Campus, and returned to Sheffield extra quick (45 mins)

I called on Julie Andrews Woodhouse, who'd looked after Holly for the afternoon, in her garden :) and remembering that my Moby is faulty, I rushed home to get the landline phone. It was Dave ther bus driver, waiting at the Vets on Baslow Rd, for me to try my Trike. Even though I kept sayiong I didn't want to take it on a double decker, I wanted to take it on a tram!.....tomorrow!!I cycled to meet him, although I explained I didnt need a bus I needed a tram, he kinda smiled got out his...tape measure, and said I'm really sorry Caroline but I can tell you now, it's way too big. Twice as long and an extra 6cm wide!! We sat for a while hoping that Ziggy would some how shrink or s'thing???

I got home and rang Stage Coach, who are the Tram operators, who stupidly (i think) said if it doesnt fit on a bus, it proves you can't use public transport to get home!!

So I've eaten, exercised my brain and tongue a bit, Cycled a bit, I wanted to talk with someone last night about 'My Torch' but no one called, :(xxxx

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